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Healthy medication home. Medication management plays a vital part in managing a health condition. Missed doses or improper use can be very harmful. If you’re a caregiver to a loved one, that person is depending on you to ensure that they take the medications they need to take when they’re supposed to take them.Here at LifeSource Home Health, our skilled, licensed nurses are experts in methods of medication management. Here are our five top tips to help you manage your medications or those of a loved one. 

1. Invest in a pillbox or dispenser

Though it’s a common solution, many people begin medical regimens without thinking they’ll need a pillbox. These boxes are usually marked daily (M for Monday, T for Tuesday, etc.) and have seven compartments for seven days a week. Some may have 30 to 31 compartments to cover an entire month.

2. Set reminders */Best online pharmacy for pills

While a pillbox can help you stay organized, a reminder is an added step that can really ensure you stay on track. If an older adult doesn’t have a smartphone, alarm clocks and other reminder systems make for both great gifts and helpful tools. If they do, setting a reminder on their phone is another simple and effective way to set reminders. Caregivers can set these same reminders for themselves as well. buy pain killers online USA

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We provides the medical care you need to reach optimum wellness in the comfort of your own home. We bring specialized skilled nursing care, rehabilitation, and wound care services to you. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, illness or a medical event or you need ongoing treatment and support for a chronic condition, we provide the skilled and compassionate care that allows you to continue to live life fully. buy research chemicals online


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